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OWO Product Review


    Old World Outsiders - Underground Clothing  



    Creador de contenido

The following terms have been agreed for digital content creation by Content Creator for use in OWO's platforms.

In exchange for the content, Content Creator will receive custom merchandise free of cost & shipping excluding custom fees. 




Old World Outsiders will provide Content Creator with the following merchandise:

  • 1 OWO Signature Ski Mask 

  • _____________________________


Content Creator will provide OWO with the following content:

  • 1 Reel - Product Review

  • 1 set of still photos

- Content Creator has full control of the creative direction for the digital content.

- Content Creator may use the same set, photoshoot, etc for both Instagram Reels & Tik Toks.

- Content needs to be published and live by OCTOBER 20, 2022 & a copy of said digital content needs to be downloaded in the provided Google Drive folder.

By agreeing to this Collaboration Agreement, Content Creator is agreeing that both parties will have no restrictions to post digital content on social media, websites and other related platforms for monetization with no additional compensation unless stated in writing. 

Both parties agree on shared copyright for said digital content with the assumption that credit will be linked if either party decides to post after the Collaboration Agreement has been fulfilled.

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